IO01. Development of EntreCom4ALL. Skill Assesment Framework.

The Project aims to undertake a Skills Framework Analysis: for pre-start ups and start ups. This IO will look at identifying the most important skills based on the ENTRECOMP framework for pre-starts ups and start ups. The EntreCom4ALL Skills Assessment Framework will also explore accessibility needs of users and learning styles in order for the software to take this into consideration.

IO02. Adaptative semantic and social Open Education web portal for enterpreneurship learning scenarios (EntreCom4ALL Model Web Portal)

The definition and implementation of an innovative model, EntreCom4ALL model. This model is based on the deployment of semantic and social technologies for discovering and recommending OER which will tap into, according to previous assessment done by UPM) in more around 20,000 OERs about Entrepreneurship in a search space of approximately 100,000 OERs, more than 3,000 topics recommende that can be used with the purpose of enrich or extend a determined search of OER related with the skills of an entrepreneur, and an average of 25,000 messages biweekly distributed through OSN, with the capacity to be adapted to different types of learning communities, as formal, informal and non-formal learning.