IO1– Final Research Report

Executive Summary

The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission has published The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp) in 2016 to develop a common conceptual approach to support the development of entrepreneurial education. The context of the EntreCom4All project has to be seen within the importance that entrepreneurship has within the European Union today, and the need for training in this field through digital means. The project aims to integrate the EntreComp Framework into a platform that can support young entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teachers/trainers get easier access to relevant Open Educational Resources to learn about what is needed to be successful as an entrepreneur.

To accomplish this, the partnership in the project has developed a Skill Assessment Framework from January to June 2018 for Intellectual Output 1, which is a self-assessment tool that is tailor-made to each of the three target groups and based on EntreComp. To establish this framework, the partnership first had to do a desk research on other online self-assessment tools, to get to know how to design the aspects of the tool in such a way that it would most effectively do an assessment.

After the desk research, the actual self-assessment tool was developed. In this tool, participants can assess themselves on the 15 competences developed under EntreComp through 30 statements (two statements per competence), that have been selected from the EntreComp Guide[1], that they can rate from “1” to “5”.

This self-assessment tool was then tested in focus groups in each partner country, with each partner testing it with the target group they are responsible for (Young entrepreneurs: UPM, Obuda, Matera; Female entrepreneurs: Inova; Teachers/trainers: C.E.C.E.). After the feedback of the different focus groups all partners made a national report, with recommendations of how to adapt the self-assessment tool. The results of these national reports have been collated within this final research report, which serves as the document to justify the final amendments that have been made to the Skill Assessment Framework.

The goal of the Skill Assessment Framework is that after participants have filled the ratings connected to all 30 statements, they can see how well they have scored on each competence. This gives participants an overview of which competences they could still improve upon. The EntreCom4All platform, which is to be developed under Intellectual Output 2, will have a big collection of OERs and the partnership will tag all these resources with the competences of the EntreComp, depending on which competences they are most connected to.

This way the results of the self-assessment made possible through the Skill Assessment Framework, will give participants the opportunity to see in which competences they are still lacking and they can look up OERs on the platform that are tagged with that specific competence.