Staff Training at Budapest

Staff Training at Budapest

1 junio, 2019 Staff training 0

Venue:  Óbuda University – Keleti Faculty of Economics, Budapest, Tavaszmező u. 15-17, 1084

Participants: 23 people have attended to the trainings altogether, we had participants from all the partners (Inova Consultancy Ltd. CECE, The Spanish Confederation of Schools, Materahub, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Óbuda University).


The program was disseminated via the webpage of Óbuda University Keleti Faculty of Business and Management
On this page we shared all the presentations and materials we have used:

Day 1. (20th May)

The day have started in the afternoon due to it was the travelling day for most of the international partners coming from all parts of Europe. After a short introduction to the venue and the project Kornélia Lazányi, the dean of the faculty has lead an icebreaker open conversation between al participants. After that from INOVA Consultancy Babett Csokan and Roxana Rojas made a presentation about the entrepreneurial spirit and then they led an activity with the participants with the goal of showing how different competences are used in entrepreneurship. Lastly Kornélia Lazányi have spoken about young entrepreneurs and their needs about our project, and how we can give them an answer, and how can we get their attention. After that she have closed the first day.

 Day 2. (21st May)

The second day started in the morning whit a presentation from UPM (coordinator of the project): Edmundo Tovar have spoken about the Entrecomp framework and about the way we have used it in the project. After that he and his fellow colleagues, Bernardo Tabuenca and Ignacio Noguerol have shown the current state of the platform and it’s capabilities and the future plans about it. They have shown in detailed about the self-assessment test and its results. After a short lunch break Kornélia Lazányi have spoken about the participation of Óbuda University in the project and our goals. After that the participants had a faculty visit and visited the Budapest sites of Óbuda University.

Day 3. (22nd May)

In the first half of the third day Bernardo Tabuenca and Ignacio Noguerol led an open conversation about the user experience of the platform. The participants could try out themselves the platform on site and they could made feedback directly to the creators. Together we have covered the following aspects of the platform:

  • searching for OERs in line with the personal development plans
  • rating of OERs – individual task – compare results after in groups
  • adding at least two different type (format) of OERs
  • creation of various open groups targeted at the potential target groups, initiating conversation
  • sharing experiences online-within the online community (group)
  • testing of the facilitator role within the system

The conversation was fruitful, and the participants could get first-hand experience in the project.

After a short lunch break with the lead of Pál Fehér-Polgár the participants visited a local entrepreneurial incubation center called H13 H13 Diák- és Vállalkozásfejlesztési Központ, Budapest, Horánszky u. 13, 1085  At the incubation center the participants had a chance to see how a community center like this can give office space, legal and business consultancy to start-ups and future entrepreneurs. Our visit was covered by a local news portal (in Hungarian):

Day 4. (23rd May)

On the fourth day Kornélia Lazanyi has led the work. First, she has had a talk about learning styles then the participants have taken a self-test to learn what are their dominant learning style and how can they use it. After this theoretical background she have put things to action and with the lead of hers the participants made an open conversation about how can people with different dominant learning stylises use the platform. After the lunch break Kornélia Lazányi talked about the various target groups and the ways they are able to use the platform and how can they utilize it, and also, she has given ideas how trainers can use it in their work. After a short coffee break, she led a conversation about entrepreneurial competences and the EntreCOM framework, in which she has underlined the personal development capabilities of the ideal entrepreneur and how can they use our platform in their personal development plans. After a short summary she have closed the official program of the day and organized a farewell dinner for the participants.

Day 5. (24th May)

On the last day the work has started early. The main topic was how can our platform be used in the future. The topics covered in this timeslot were e-learning and the MOOCs. Also, the participants have talked about the self-learning capabilities of the platform and the usage of it in groups. After a fruitful conversation and ideas for future development of the platform Kornélia Lazányi has closed the training with the summary of the training.