EntreCom4ALL at Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom 2019

EntreCom4ALL at Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom 2019

7 diciembre, 2019 News 0

Marina Larios, the director of Inova Consultancy based in Sheffield (UK) inovaconsult.com, presented the EntreCom4ALL project at Sheffield Hallam University. She discussed the exciting prospect of entrepreneurship and how Open Educational Resources (OERs) can benefit their learning on the journey to success. The participants of the event were keen to hear about the EntreCom4ALL project. As this event was carried out at Sheffield Hallam University, the target group was young people who are entrepreneurs or interested in entrepreneurship. The attendees were all motivated and interested in their entrepreneurial development. They felt inspired to hear how Entrecom4ALL can benefit young entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship teachers.

The huge range of OER’s that the EntreCom4ALL project platform offers are an accessible tool for self-development that is openly available. The OERs can be easily discovered through the enhanced search features. Wherever you are, you can open the EntreCom4ALL platform and engage with material of your choice. The EntreCom4ALL self-assessment was also presented to the attendees, as it is very useful for aspiring, and also current, entrepreneurs to analyse their strengths and their potential room for improvement.

Entrepreneurship can positively benefit professional and personal development. It empowers an individual and provides freedom. However, it can also be a difficult journey. That is why we decided to connect with these people and present our successful project, website and platform. With the use of the EntreCom4ALL project, entrepreneurs can be supported on this journey.  This presentation of the project provided an educated but also a personal insight into entrepreneurship in relation to the project.

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