CECE XI «Jornada Emprendimiento»

CECE XI «Jornada Emprendimiento»

15 septiembre, 2019 News 0

CECE – EFAS Madrid y Castilla-La Mancha

The 6th of September of 2019, CECE had the opportunity to present the EntreCom4All project to 75 teachers of 7 VET schools in Madrid. This day, was meant to create a debate between the different teachers about entrepreneurship and the transversality it can have across the curriculum. It was a great opportunity to present the OER platform that the EntreCom4All project created.

There, Tomás Serrano, project manager of CECE and working in EntreCom4All, presented and discussed about the European Commission EntreComp framework, talked about the different areas and the competencies it embodies.

Before talking about the platform and explaining the different functions and how teachers and young entrepreneurs could use it, Tomás Serrano showed how the EntreComp model has a lot of transversal competencies, “soft skills”, and that we could use it all across the curriculum.

After that, the platform was explained in detail, all its components and how to work with it. There was a practical case on how teachers could use it in their classrooms, and then the platform was showed in real-time for the teachers to understand its simplicity, ask any questions and give suggestions.