CECE XI Jornada Emprendimiento

CECE XI Jornada Emprendimiento

15 junio, 2018 News 0

7 JUNE 2018
CECE XI Jornada Emprendimiento

An event for talking about entrepreneurship and giving out entrepreneurship awards to young people held on June 7th, 2018. This event, that was organized by CECE and took place in CEOE, was a great opportunity for the community to get together, talk about the current state of entrepreneurship and introduce the EntreCom4All project.
It was also a great opportunity to see the entrepreneurial ideas young students had come out with, in an initiative created by CECE and for the schools it represents. In the event, students had the opportunity to present their business ideas and to receive awards for them.

Related with introduction of the EntreCom4ALL, Edmundo Tovar, from UPM, the coordinating organization of the project, presented our objectives and aims, our target group and, to some extent, the situation of entrepreneurship nowadays and its possible synergies with Open Educational Resources (OER).

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