EntreComp into Action: get inspired, make it happen

EntreComp into Action: get inspired, make it happen

13 abril, 2018 News 0

The educational innovation group GICAC, of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid hosted the eMadrid seminar on «Entrepreneurship training based on competences» (The eMadrid network is a project funded by the Region of Madrid to support the research and development of educational technologies www.emadridnet.org)

In this seminar we had the participation of Rebeca Weicht, co-founder of Brussels-based non-profit Bantani Education, developing and supporting creative and entrepreneurial learning policy and practice. Bantani Education worked with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre on both design and implementation of EntreComp (European Entrepreneurship Competence Reference Framework, 2016) since its inception.

Rebeca presented several tricks of how others have worked with the EntreComp framework and examples of its’ application across education. Next to this presentation, Edmundo Tovar introduced the Erasmus+ funded Project EntreCom4ALL.

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